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Based on a decision by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, publications in "e-Finanse" now receive 9 points in the academic rating system

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Cooperation between the Institute of Financial Research and Analysis - publisher of the quarterly "e-Finanse" - and the Institute of Managerial Accounting (CIMA)
has lead to the entry of the quarterly to the works available under the CIMA Publications section. Specialist papers are presented here endorsed by CIMA, selected in a quarterly manner. We recommend...
New edition of the quarterly ‘e-Finanse’ is out!
It's our pleasure to announce that the latest edition of the 'e-Finanse' (vol. 10, nr 2) is ready. Check it ...
New member of the Program Council of “e-Finanse”
It is our pleasure to announce that the invitation to join the Programme Council of ‘e-Finanse’ has been accepted by Prof. Ryszard Kokoszczyński (Warsaw University). Considering his ...

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